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Why is DIY Roofing such a bad idea?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

If you ever thought about installing, repairing, or replacing your own roof to save a buck… PLEASE DON’T!

Let us tell you why DIY roofing jobs are an awful idea:

You’ll end up spending more

Have you ever heard the phrase “The cheated one goes up dearly”?

Well, that is an absolute truth, if you are not a professional roofer yourself, you and your absolute lack of experience will screw up your roof and end up paying for a complete roof replacement for what could have been a small repair done by a professional roofer.

No amount of DIY Roofing video tutorials will ever compete against years of experience.

Voided warranty and insurance issues

Many roofing manufacturers provide warranties on their products as long as they are installed according to proper application instructions. Just like cars or electronics, damage to these products may cancel their warranties or insurance.

Delayed work

Even just assessing the roof properly takes quite some time, you also need the appropriate equipment to complete the job. A job that usually takes a professional roofer two to three days can take weeks for a regular DIY house husband. These delays just lead to more inconvenience and unnecessary costs.

Dangers of injury or death

Roofing can be a not only dangerous but even fatal task. You most likely don’t have the equipment or expertise necessary to protect yourself or your home from any potential roofing mistake.

A fall from as low as 10-15 feet can cause serious injury or even death.

Professional roofers are not only well trained to work at great heights, but they have also experience working in different climate conditions and with different materials, so the risk of having an accident decreases drastically.

Keeping your roof in optimal condition can be challenging when you don’t have the necessary training. If you want to install, repair or replace your roof, call the roofing experts, call EcoEnergy Solutions!

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