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What is an HVAC System and how does it work?

Have you ever thought about what would life be like without HVAC Systems on hot as hell winters of freezing cold winters?

Our grandparents surely did and they can confirm it wasn’t fun at all.

At EcoEnergy Solutions, it’s our duty to help you with everything related to HVAC, but first, let’s dive into its meaning.

The meaning of HVAC

The term HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

In general, it is used to control temperature, as well as humidity, and air filtration at the same time. It is quite common to see an HVAC air system in buildings and offices, as well as buildings where there are many people. It is generally used in conjunction with other air systems in order to provide the best possible results within a work or living environment.

For its installation, you need to hire professional contractors with experience managing these kinds of systems and training on how they work. Once installed, they will provide you with some indications so you can use them appropriately and get the most out of them. In some cases, you'll notice the system being used in vehicles as well, this helps keep drivers cool or warm, depending on the location and time of the year.

Objective of HVAC

The goal of the HVAC air system is quite simple. As previously mentioned, it is to control the temperature inside the building at the same time that the humidity is controlled. However, the system not only focuses on the air inside the building but also controls the air supply from outside, as it manages the carbon dioxide levels within the space in which the system is installed.

The times when air conditioning only served to lower the temperature are over since with the HVAC system you can control humidity and filtration. Many companies and homes benefit massively from the use of these devices because it regulates and lowers the temperature within a room or office. In addition to helping people, it also helps the environment, since little energy is used.

HVAC Processes

Since the system controls many things at once, there are many processes involved that ensure effective work. The system heating process is basically used to increase the temperature of a particular space by using heat energy.

The ventilation process starts when the outside air is added and the cooling process, ensures that the temperature decreases. by removing thermal energy from a space when needed.

In addition to these processes, the system uses many others, such as cleaning and dehumidification. With the cleaning process, any dirt such as dust, smoke, and toxins are efficiently removed and with the dehumidification process, any unnecessary water or moisture residue is removed.

Now that you know how HVAC Systems work, we strongly recommend getting a tune-up ASAP!

Luckily for you, at EcoEnergy Solutions, it’s our duty to keep your HVAC Systems on point, so we are ready to do it for you!

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