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6 Solar Myths DEBUNKED

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Most of the time, people tend to hesitate in their decision of going solar due to these myths that have been widespread now that solar energy has become more popular.

Here we are to debunk the most talked about myths about solar energy:

Myth 1: Solar panels do not work in cold snowy weather or when it is cloudy.

Fact: Solar panels work in sunny, cold, and even cloudy weather. The technology of solar panels allows them to work effectively and efficiently thanks to their power storage.

Cloudy weather does not inhibit the efficiency of solar panels; they can be a viable source of electricity as they can still produce enough power via UV rays. Examples of countries where such systems are efficient regardless of their cold and cloudy weather are Germany, the UK, and China.

Myth 2: Solar energy is not easily affordable.

Fact: If we take a look at the numbers from the last decade, investments in solar panels have generally been on the rise as they are becoming more abundant and thus more affordable. Their average costs have decreased by about 30%. It is actually cheaper to produce electricity from solar energy than it is from coal. Besides, there are tons of financing options out there that will suit your budget, plus some recent tax breaks imposed by the government to encourage solar energy.

Myth 3: Installing solar is too complicated and requires high maintenance.

Fact: Solar panel installation is relatively straightforward as long as you hire a reliable manufacturer and installer. Ideally, if your system is connected to your utility grid, which is common among electricity systems, then it makes solar panel maintenance way easier.

The solar panels would just need to be cleaned with water to remove any accumulated dirt every now and then.

If you have a battery-based system, more cleaning would be needed than one without, but systems without batteries are more common and cheaper than battery systems.

Myth 4: Solar panels will cause damage to your roof.

Fact: Solar panels actually benefit the part of the roof they are mounted on by covering and protecting it. If the roof where the panels are sitting happens to be damaged and needs to be repaired, the panels can be easily removed since they aren’t directly attached to the roof, they are just placed on top of it. But anyway, always remember to make sure your roof is damage-free before mounting a new rooftop.

Myth 5: Reselling your home will be harder with solar panels.

Fact: Solar panels would actually increase the property value of your home. Many studies have found that homes with solar panels actually sell faster than homes without solar panels.

Myth 6: Solar panel prices are based on the size of your home.

Fact: Solar panels are meant to be designed according to the specific needs of each homeowner. When determining the cost of the solar panel's installation, special attention is paid to the orientation and slope of your home’s roof and not necessarily the size only.

Also, the surrounding area of the roof is taken into consideration when building in order to make sure it is positioned in an area that has easy access to sunlight and is not obstructed by surrounding trees, buildings, or anything that could cast a shadow.

Now that you know some facts regarding solar energy, you can have the confidence to take the best decision of your homeowner life: GOING SOLAR!

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