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5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of Solar Panels

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

It’s already well known that solar panels’ popularity has increased over the past few decades.

They have become so popular amongst both, homeowners and businesses, now even the governments are acknowledging their value and encouraging their implementation.

With that being said, we all might wonder, are solar panels worth it?

The short answer is YES!

We will now present you 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages to show you 2 things:

-The advantages outweigh the few disadvantages

-There’s always a solution or bright side for those disadvantages

We want to be transparent in providing this information since it is a serious investment.

10 Advantages of Solar Panels

1. Reduce your electricity bill

This is the main reason why people decide to go solar, which turns out to be an amazing decision since the money you save is truly a game changer for your finances.

You can go from paying from 300 dollars a month down to just $23!!!

It sounds crazy how it is now possible to pay more for a meal than for a month worth of electricity!

2. Clean and renewable source of energy

Renewable Energy means that it is limitless!

Unlike oil, we cannot run out of sun.

Besides, solar power is the most eco-friendly and efficient source of energy

3. Increase the value of your property

Houses with solar panels will be more valuable than those without.

Mainly because solar panels have a high upfront cost and can be seen as a great investment asset in the long run.

The money you spend on solar panels will be invested into your home, and you can see a high return on investment from installing solar on your property.

4. Independent Power Source

The reason is that the average home is highly dependent on the power grid whereas the home with solar panels generates its own energy.

Solar Panels let you enjoy being free and unplugged from the burden of increasing energy prices.

5. Low and affordable maintenance

With these technologies being more and more available and therefore common nowadays, the maintenance of solar panels has become way easier.

Good warranty policies have been also included for massive periods of time making the maintenance of solar panels less and less.

That’s great to know because it means homeowners can buy solar without needing to fix or check the system every week. Low maintenance also translates into low cost.

You won’t need to spend extra cash on your solar panel system to keep it at its peak performance.

Every now and then, we do recommend you get your solar panels cleaned if they have collected any dirt, dust, or mold.

10 Disadvantages of Solar Panels

1. High upfront cost

Solar Panel installation is quite a high investment, and not everybody will be able to afford them. Although we could argue that solar panels are the most affordable they’ve ever been… they are still a high-ticket purchase.

Solution: There are several ways to finance your solar panel acquisition, in EcoEnergy Solutions we can provide you with the best financing option suitable for you.

There are also tax brackets imposed by the government to encourage citizens to go solar.

2. System’s size and capacity are limited to your roof’s size

Solar panels are indeed large products, meaning they require a wide space for their installation. This means that they cannot be placed in small areas, and actually require a large roof.

Solution: Fortunately, EcoEnergy Solutions do provide a wide range of solar panels that definitely fit over the average Arizona home, so this is clearly not an issue for us!

3. Solar Panels need sun to perform at their peak

Solar Energy is obviously only generated when sunlight is hitting the face of the panel and is being converted. Therefore, if there is no sun, there will be no energy being produced.

Although solar panels can still generate power on cloudy days (as it’s the UV light that generates the energy) they perform best on sunny days. If you are in a location that doesn’t get much sun, it’s probably best to look at other options to get a system that overcomes shading issues.

Solution: Since it is most of the time sunny in the whole state of Arizona, this won’t be an issue…but, what about at night? well, the solar panels’ battery storage enables solar-produced power to be used at night, so no worries!

4. Aesthetics

This one is completely subjective, one real objection from homeowners when deciding whether to go solar or not is how their homes would look with solar panels on top.

Solution: New technologies have been developed to offer more aesthetic improvements when installing solar panels. Cabling no longer needs to be visible creating a much cleaner finish. Also, you can get all-black solar panels with black back sheets and black frames to easily blend in with darker shingles.

5. Solar Panels are fixed to one location

Your solar panels are pretty much installed there forever.

Unless you are willing to pay to have your system dismantled, de-wired, and transported to another location, solar panels are stuck in one place.

Solar systems are not mobile at all, which means if you purchase solar but decide to sell you will have to leave your system behind.

Solution: In case you DO decide to sell your property, you’ll be selling it for a higher price due to the added value it gained thanks to the solar panels.

If you want to know more advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific situation, or if you have already made the decision to go solar, we’ll be more than glad to assist you!

Contact us for more information and a free consultation!


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