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We are experts in energy efficiency, and can provide you with the best FREE home energy check up.

  • 4 Free LED light bulbs

  • Free roof inspection

  • Out of Cost Utility bill review

  • Free solar design

  • Free Thermal imaging

  • Free Insulation assessment

  • Free water-saving shower head

  • Free Personalized report with photos

  • Free Thermostat assessment

  • Free Water heater assessment

  • Free Water quality test

  • Free info about available rebates & tax credits


Ruben Gonzalez

“From start to finish, the process was smooth and well-planned. We made our transition to solar and alkaline water system very easy to understand. He made us aware of all the numbers down to every minuscule detail. All in all, I would definitely recommend anyone to utilize Eco Energy Solutions as their Solar, Roof, and/or AC provider.”


Kim Valdez

“I am a Realtor and every client that I have referred to them they have gone above and beyond to accommodate them.  

Thank you for all your hard work.  😀”

Free Home Energy CheckUp

Check your home for energy savings today. Enter your info and we'll review your utility bills, free roof inspection, free solar design, Thermal imaging, Insulation Assessment and show you how to make smarter energy choices.


We'll take a look at your utility bills and show you where to make smarter energy choices, without affecting the comfort of your home.


We offer the latest  technology to help reduce monthly utility bills or even cut them out entirely.

Full Service

From roofing to lighting, we have everything you need to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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