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Scheduling an energy audit is the best first step to  improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Why you need an energy checkup?

Our team will assess how much energy you regularly use, show you how specific problems are costing you money, and offer solutions that will help maximize your savings while reducing your carbon footprint.


Using state-of-the-art technology to gather data on your home's energy performance.

Your choice

We'll provide a menu of energy-efficient solutions such as solar, so you can choose upgrades that fit your budget.


Our pro technicians are trained to maximize your home's energy efficiency. Working to keep you happy!



We offer two levels of evaluation in simple packages designed to better meet your home energy needs. Check out our options below:

FREE Home energy checkup

($299.00 Value)

4 FREE LED light bulbs
FREE roof inspection
Utility bill review
FREE solar design
Thermal imaging
Insulation assessment
FREE water-saving shower head
Personalized report with photos
Thermostat assessment
Water heater assessment
Water quality test
Available rebates & tax credits

$199 ENERGY STAR® Audit

($499.00 Value) Includes ALL benefits of our free package plus:

Garage door assessment
SRP/APS Gift bag
Blower door test
Combustion appliance zone test
Room pressure test
Whole home leakage test
Pressure pan test
HSFIR report
HVAC basic assessment
Ductwork assessment
Window & door assessment
ENERGY STAR® Certificate
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